About Jimmy Higgins

The name “Jimmy Higgins” has for generations stood for the name of the rank-and-file union and socialist activist. This particular Jimmy Higgins is a longtime militant in the class struggle, having worked in a factory as a rank and filer in one industry and then as a union staffer in other industries, playing a support role in strikes, organizing campaigns, contract campaigns, political action and other working class fights. Now I am living in Des Moines, Iowa. This blog will contain various commentaries and musings on events of the day, socialist theory and working class history from a democratic socialist perspective.

I am a member of Democratic Socialists of America (who’s best known leader was the late Michael Harrington, author of “The Other America”). DSA is a descendent of the Socialist Party of Gene Debs. We work in coalition with other progressive forces in the Democratic party and in mass movements. We are the largest socialist organization in the United States.

DSA web site

Wikipedia entry on DSA

DSA is part of the Socialist International – an alliance of socialist, social democratic and labor parties.


2 Responses to “About Jimmy Higgins”

  1. Kim William Jones Says:

    Nice to see another democratic socialist in Iowa!

    I am a member of DSA and work here in the Des Moines area as a teacher.

    I am not too tech-savvy, but I want to follow your blog.

    In Solidarity,

    Kim Jones

  2. Jerry Says:

    Good luck with this. If you write about Iowa, I’ll keep reading.

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